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For a donation of $15.00, you can send a self addressed stamped envelope along with a picture or card you would like to have autographed by Hannah. For anyone whom would just like to send a donation with nothing in return, that is more than welcome. Any form of donation can either be made by paypal or by personnel check written and sent to: Hannah’s Gold Foundation 458 Howland Farm Rd Belmont, VT 05730 Thanks so much for considering a donation to this important project!


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for Kirindon!

Hannah Teter: Gold - Silver Olympic Medalist in Snowboarding Halfpipe



our children

The children of Kirindon desperately need safe drinking water.We can
help bring clean water and sanitation solutions to these beautiful people.




As we continue our support of Kirindon, the project beneficiaries
are now being expanded to cover a larger part of Kirindon, Kenya.


What does snowboarding have to do with Africa?

I started Hannah’s Gold because I’ve always felt like there is a lot that needs to be done in the world, and who better to do it than me? I approached the Olympics with that mind-set, of wanting to help out and be a positive role model for those out there that needed one! Growing up in Vermont and making maple syrup with my family was very special, so selling maple syrup to help others was an amazing opportunity! Currently I am focusing on raising funds to support clean water projects (wells, bore-holes, rain water catchment) for the huge community that we met in Kenya. I hope we can accomplish the goal of supporting my whole community with beautiful, clean water!

Our commitment to Kenya

For many years has helped with numerous projects including paying for school fees, providing farming tools and seeds, supporting sustainable farming initiatives, purchasing home base care kits and training home visitors in home care of HIV patients, purchasing bicycles, conducting recreation sessions for vulnerable children and buying a plot of land and building a store front for the homeless AIDS victims we met in Kirindon, giving them a way to support themselves. Our current support is the clean water and sanitation project that the people of Kenya had stated is their biggest area of need.


make a difference in


Since receiving the Gold Medal at the 2006 Winter Olympics, I now have the opportunity to pursue this dream and encourage others to find out how good it feels to give back.


passion for


The people of this town have touched my heart deeply not only because they are the kindest, most generous, and hard working friends I have ever met, but because even though they live in some of the toughest conditions, they still are happy.

Thank you for caring!

Let’s pursue this


This water and sanitation project will provide basic and practical assistance such as clean water wells, washing stations, latrines, and community training on proper water usage and hygiene.