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For a donation of $15.00, you can send a self addressed stamped envelope along with a picture or card you would like to have autographed by Hannah. For anyone whom would just like to send a donation with nothing in return, that is more than welcome. Any form of donation can either be made by paypal or by personnel check written and sent to: Hannah’s Gold Foundation 458 Howland Farm Rd Belmont, VT 05730 Thanks so much for considering a donation to this important project!


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Grade A Medium Amber. Pure Vermont Maple Syrup. 8.45 fl.oz.

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“Sweeten the World One Bottle at a Time” This one-of-a kind, Grade A Medium Amber, Pure Vermont Maple Syrup, is being dedicated to the desperately poor children of Kirindon,Kenya. Through my partnership with World Vision, this project will be helping those in greatest need. Profits from Hannah’s Gold maple syrup and wrist bands go to support and bring clean water to Kirindon.

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1 review for Grade A Medium Amber. Pure Vermont Maple Syrup. 8.45 fl.oz.

  1. Rayan

    Mmmm sounds good Cindy! : ) I’ll have to try that rcpeie. Thanks! I have a old waffle maker that I got from my mother in law. I make the waffle batter x 3 and make em light, then freeze em up for toasting later. It works out great. Also, ever try adding Hodgson Mill’s Multi Grain cereal mix made with Milled Flaxseed and Soy to your rcpeies? It’s great! There is also have a delicious rcpeie on the back of the box for Fiber Rich Muffins. Gee, I must be hungry! It’s past lunch . God bless you Cindy. Love your music~ Have a great time in Nashville! I’ll be jammin’ tonight here in MA . Donna : )

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